Atelier WeelGoldhoorn






Program: Observation tower • Client: avb • Size: 45 m2 • Location: Oostvaardersplassen,NL

A building with a translucent skin which covers construction and provides the people from observing the nature without being part of it.

The stair has two different faces: one steep part, which provides the vertical routing and a platform part where the observers can put their tripod with binoculars to observe the nature. The core is made of concrete in the shape of a prism and functions as a constructive element. Inside the core are the more closed functions, like a toilet and the sleeping spaces. The net gives cover, but also allows the scientists to observe nature.  The material is woven with nylon so the net curves inside to obstruct space as minimal as possible.

These three elements combined make the building specific for this area and the program. It contains space and material but is still vitreous.