Atelier WeelGoldhoorn







Program: Housing • Client: avb • Size: 120 m2 • Location: Kennemerduinen,NL

From the Hazenberg is a visible platform at the foot of the dune. It remarkable from the wavy landscape, the human form is reflected, a rectangular concrete surface. At the same time it is sunken in the landscape and with his rough materialization, it looks like it has always been there. By walking down you follow the road to the platform, as you get closer you walk through the dunes. The platform is no longer visible; the path ends at a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you see light, if you go there you will end up in a patio. The tree and stairs both refer to the top, and give access to the roof. You will also see three doors that provide access to the rooms. The administrator lives in one of the spaces, in addition to his office. The other space is left for the hikers to rest. In this space you can enjoy an oasis of tranquility, it is located literally in between the dunes. Each room has its own interaction with the outside, the office is introverted. The sleeping quarters are extroverted and provide a view over the dunes. In the roof there are small holes that give a light effect in the rooms. The concept is to create a plot of 30 by 10 meters into the dunes. The plot is will be filled with concrete, this creates a platform. The dunes are now being excavated and are emerging areas under the platform. After 30 years, it may be that it is no longer inhabited but a ruin in the landscape, a remnant of humanity.