Atelier WeelGoldhoorn






Program: Housing • Client: avb • Size: 300 m2 • Location: Fes, Morocco • Status: Idea,2014

The plot is laying in the densed city of Fes in Morocco. With a small alley from a public square on one side and a communal courtyard on the other side. The concept is to connect these two totally different area’s within the plot. The shortest way to connect these two area’s is in a straight line.  To cut the two blocks like this would create one big block and one small block. Also there is no privacy in the courtyard because you can look straight into it. To get as much daylight as possible for all the four clients without losing any privacy, the courtyard comes in the plot like a wave. The courtyard has to feel like some kind of nature, in contrast with the public spaces of the city which are in a rectangle grid.