Atelier WeelGoldhoorn






Program: Pavilion • Client: Estate Bleijendijk • Size: 300 m2 • Location: Vught,NL

The assignment was to design a pavilion on an estate where you grow food, eat food, to celebrate and enjoy life, to educate, to do lectures and readings, to sleep and to meet. The main concept was to maintain the existing landscape. No trees were cut down and the idea to convert the pavilion at the edge of te field does not affect the view. The pavilion must be flexible. It would be 10 years of operation, then it will be a ruin. The pavilion consists of two concrete cores, in these cores are the main functions the auditorium and the toilets. Around the cores are the temporary functions. On the roof there will be a garden where vegatables can grow and you have a view over the estate. In middle of the pavilion you will find the courtyard. There is a tree, a growing tree.